Our Promise


AquaTech Rain Tight Guttering Systems Inc. Family Owned Business, is operated by the Curran Family of Edwardsville Kansas.


Our Promise to our Customers:
AquaTech Rain Tight Guttering Products are designed and installed to protect and enhance the value of your home and your investment. AquaTech Rain Tight Guttering Systems Inc. is dedicated to providing our Customers with Products and Services that are of the Highest Quality, and Professionally Installed. AquaTech Products are always priced to provide a Good Customer Value and will be installed as scheduled with weather permitting.


AquaTech will not sell the many "Gimmick Products" as seen in the area Newspapers and Television Commercials. We will only provide our Customers with Proven Products that are used by and on our own Family Homes.


AquaTech will always provide Free Estimates and Consultations.
AquaTech will always show you our products and explain their functions to you fully before you make a purchase decision. Our goal is to provide you with the facts so that you may choose the best decision regarding your home and your Guttering Needs.


Our Products are always backed by a 20/4 Year Written Warranty that provides you with some "Peace of Mind" in choosing AquaTech for your Guttering Needs.


AquaTech will be continually driven to research and obtain only the best possible Guttering Product Metals, Gutter Screen Solutions, Hardware and Installation Techniques. This promise will always allow AquaTech to provide only the Highest Quality and Function for your home or business.

The Curran Family

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